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Grandmaster Legendary Items

In New Game Plus mode there is a whole new set of armour that can be crafted, called the Grandmaster Legendary armor.

In general, Grandmaster Legendary items are a whole new level of Witcher 3 awesomeness, and can only be unlocked by playing NG+.

The Witcher armor schools that have NG+ armor are:
Cat (Feline), Wolf (Wolven), Bear (Ursine), and Griffin. There’s also a special Manticore school set.

At certain points in the game you might also find upgraded Grandmaster Legendary weapons, like the Grandmaster Legendary Venomous Viper Silver Sword which is hidden near the end of Hearts of Stone, or Aerondight, which you can acquire a second time in Blood and Wine.

In general, though, you can craft new weapons and armor – just like last time – and keep them in line with your character level. What I found, though, in NG+, was that my Grandmaster armor from the previous playthrough was perfectly sufficient for the majority of the game, and that I didn’t craft the legendary armor until later when I was around level 95. It was also expensive too – all four items, coming in at more than fifteen grand in total, with materials costs. It depends which school of armor you’re crafting too. Some are more expensive than others.

There’s also some confusion over crafting rules for the Grandmaster Legendary Wolven armor. For some reason it doesn’t require the use of the previous armor to make, although that doesn’t seem to be the case for the other armor schools.

The Grandmaster Legendary Wolven Armor can be crafted without requiring the previous armor.

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