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Touching Moments #5: Rescuing Marlene

The Witcher 3 is a game that is more than capable of tugging on the heart strings at certain moments in the story. Here’s a touching moment from the game.

Of all the touching moments in The Witcher 3, this is my favourite. Rescuing Marlene de Trastamara from the spoon-based hell as the Wight in La Cage au Fou.

When you’re playing this Blood and Wine quest it is easy to just attack her and take what you want. But if you make the effort to investigate, and save her, then she transforms back into a woman again and becomes your cook at Corvo Bianco.

To be honest: I wish there was more to talk to her about afterwards. She’s such a lovely character and it feels wonderful to release her from her torment, give her a job, and allow her to live a normal life again.

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