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Witcher 3 Monster Contracts

Monster Contracts are side quests in The Witcher 3 that you can take on for extra money and experience. You usually get Monster Contracts from notice boards.

Often, most of the monsters on these contracts have unique names, and are usually more powerful versions of the generic monsters Geralt encounters in the wilds.

When a monster is killed, Geralt will then take its head as proof of fulfilment of the contract. The head can also be hung as a trophy on Roach, your horse, afterwards, for an extra bonus. They can also be sold for extra cash.

There are some interesting Monster Contracts to take on in The Witcher3. Some of which may give you a wee dilemma (or nightmare) or two… Haha.

Here are our favourite Monster Contracts in The Witcher 3:

Note: scroll down to the bottom of this page for a full list of Monster Contracts, with level requirements. Click here for our general Monster Guide.

Top 12 Monster Contracts:

1. Devil by the Well
The first contract you take on is an interesting affair, involving jumping into a well and swimming through a cave system, underneath a village, to find a personal item to force the Wraith to materialise.

2. Shrieker
The Cockatrice that you fight during this quest is a real challenge at low levels. It’s sweeping wing attack can reduce your health in no time. I tried taking it on a couple of levels early recently and it decimated me.

3. Jenny O’ the Woods
Not a difficult fight (if you know how to use Yrden and blade oils), but the Jenny O’ the Woods battle is set in a beautiful location, and she is a reasonably challenging unique Nightwraith.

4. Ignis Fatuus
This unique Foglet is not too hard to best. I like him because he has “fart” in his name… The cave you fight him in has some nice luminescent plant life in it – otherwise: there’s not much else to say about him. Other than: he’s a git.

5. Janne the Imp
In this fight against the Doppler Janne (whose name is never mentioned in the game – I got it from elsewhere), Geralt basically gets to fight himself. Luckily for him, the Doppler is nowhere near as good at fighting as Geralt is.

6. Sarasti
A fast-moving, constantly-teleporting vampire Katakan that can be problematic to beat if you’re not of a comparable level.

7. Therazane
The interesting thing about fighting this unique Earth Elemental is the room that you fight him in. Basically: there are supports holding the roof up, and if you knock any down during the battle it’ll have a knock-on effect on the story later. The challenge, then, is to beat Therazane without knocking any of the supports down. Easier said than done. I haven’t managed (bothered to do) it yet.

8. Wham-a-Wham
A unique Rock Troll with an interesting line in patter. You don’t have to kill him of course, but his liver will sure prove useful should you decide to.

9. Morvudd
An impressive-looking Fiend, and – like all Fiends – he looks scarier than he actually is. It’s a pity that – even on Death March – I didn’t find Fiends particularly difficult to fight. Other than their charge, there’s nothing that can kill you in one hit.

10. The Toad Prince
A much more difficult fight than you might imagine, the Toad Prince jumps around and whips you with his tongue. The disgusting monster also spits at you, and is very difficult to get behind to get clean hits in. Surprisingly easy to get caught out and killed.

11. Harrisi
A tough battle against a unique Venomous Arachas. Harrisi can kill you quickly, with stabs from its spear-like proboscis, and its venom. The only way to beat it is to use Insectoid oil on your blades, and a fair bit of skill.

12. Opinicus
A powerful Archgriffin that you fight during the quest “Contract: The Creature From Oxenfurt Forest“. Opinicus pretty much represents the pinnacle of the toughest monsters in the base game and will give even advanced players a tough fight, when they eventually get to take him on. Opinicus is to be fought only with your ‘A’ game.

This is the full list of Monster Contracts:

The number is the suggested level for the associated quest. The links below take you to the individual contract pages on the official Witcher 3 Wiki.

02 Devil by the Well – Noonwraith – Contract: Devil by the Well
08 Shrieker – Cockatrice – Contract: Shrieker
10 Jenny O’ the Woods – Nightwraith – Contract: Jenny O’ the Woods
10 Mourntart – Grave Hag – Contract: The Merry Widow
12 Ignis Fatuus – Foglet – Contract: Swamp Thing
13 Janne the Imp – Doppler – Contract: An Elusive Thief
14 Apiarian Phantom – Hound of the Wild Hunt – Contract: The Apiarian Phantom
15 Salma – Succubus – Contract: Deadly Delights
16 The White Lady – Noonwraith – Contract: The White Lady
16 Hagubman – Nekker Warrior – Contract: Strange Beast
17 Penitent – Wraith – Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg
18 Abaya – Water Hag – Contract: Muire D’yaeblen
19 Melusine – Ekhidna – Contract: Here Comes the Groom
20 Howler – Chort – Contract: Mysterious Tracks
22 Woodland Spirit – Leshen – Contract: Woodland Spirit
22 Sarasti – Ekimmara – Contract: The Mystery of the Byways Murders
24 Therazane – Earth Elemental – Contract: Doors Slamming Shut
24 ArchgriffinContract: The Griffin From The Highlands
25 Kernun – Leshen – Contract: Lord of the Wood
26 Gael – Katakan – Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk
27 Wham-a-Wham – Rock Troll – Contract: Missing Miners
28 The Dragon of Fyresdal – Forktail – Contract: Dragon
29 Morvudd – Fiend – Contract: Missing Son
29 Werewolf – during the quest Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted
29 Doppler – optional, during the quest Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted
29 Ice Troll – optional, during the quest Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted
32 The Toad Prince – Cursed Toad – Evil’s Soft First Touches
33 Harrisi – Venomous Arachas – Contract: Missing Brother
35 Opinicus – Archgriffin – Contract: The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest
38 SlyzardsContract: Bovine Blues
45 Grottore – Spriggan – Feet as Cold as Ice
46 Iocaste – rare Basilisk – in Mutual of Beauclair’s Wild Kingdom
48 The Monster of Tufo – Shaelmaar – Contract: The Tufo Monster

To see our general Witcher 3 Monster Guide, click here.

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