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Witcher 3 Hidden Skellige Quests

There are three secondary quests on Skellige that are easy to miss, and can only be unlocked by doing something specific. They could be described as ‘hidden’ quests.

The quests are:
Stranger In A Strange Land
The Cave of Dreams
An Unpaid Debt

Here’s how to get the hidden Skellige quests:

Firstly, obtaining these quests is a timing issue. What you need to do is complete the quest “Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg” BEFORE you start the quest “King’s Gambit“.

If you start “King’s Gambit” first, then these quests will no longer be available. Or, if you have them available, then start “King’s Gambit“, they will fail.

So… BEFORE you rush ahead to “King’s Gambit” (which becomes available after completing both “Possession” and “The Lord of Undvik“), make sure you meet Jorund at the inn in Arinbjorn and complete his contract.

When you return to Jorund after killing the Penitent, a new cut scene will unfold, then a fight. The results of which are pretty shocking.

During the fight, while still inside the inn, you’re given a new quest – Stranger In A Strange Land – and the objective is to check what the commotion is outside.

After a short conversation with the locals you find yourself arrested and in prison! Unbelievable really. To get out you have two options. You can either beat up all the other prisoners, or you can accept the help of Simun Brambling. Note that you have accept Simun‘s help to get the third quest on the list, “An Upaid Debt“.

However you choose to deal with the prison problem, you’ll next find yourself on trial in front of Madman Lugos. Lugos will eventually ask you to help his son, Blueboy Lugos on an expedition to The Cave of Dreams.

Note: you have to wait a short while, after completing “The Cave of Dreams“, for Simun Brambling to show up outside the New Port Inn in Kaer Trolde. By speaking to him you can then start “An Unpaid Debt“. By the end of it, though, you may regret having bothered…

So that’s how you get those three hidden quests on Skellige.

They’re worth doing (at least once) for the experience and loot. The only real downside is the death of Jorund, who is a genuinely nice character. So if you don’t want to do these quests, and want to keep Jorund alive, do “King’s Gambit” before “Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg” and he will remain so.


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