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Video: Killed by a Spriggan

I made four obvious mistakes in this fight.

1. I didn’t use (and should’ve used) Igni – tree monsters burn well…
2. I didn’t use Quen. Spriggans that are six levels above you can kill you in two or three hits. Those claws are deadly. Err on the side of caution: use Quen.
3. I didn’t use a blade oil for Relicts (I should have).
4. I rolled instead of dodged with the Spriggan. I could’ve anticipated it’s attacks better and hit it when it appears, but instead rolled around its damaging branches like an idiot.

One good thing about this fight: notice the 40% bigger Yrden circle and more powerful Yrden effects? That’s an effect of wearing six pieces of the brand new Grandmaster Griffin Gear. Not only does the Yrden circle get bigger, but Geralt‘s stamina recovers more quickly, Sign intensity goes up by 100%, and damage received goes down by 20% too. More on this later…

Published by Mallo

Writer and screenshot enthusiast. Ex-PC Zoner.

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