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Required levels for crafting Witcher gear

These are the required levels for crafting Witcher gear items.

Griffin gear – level 11
Enhanced Griffin gear – level 18
Superior Griffin gear – level 26
Mastercrafted Griffin gear – level 34
Grandmaster Griffin gear – level 40

Wolven gear – level 14
Enhanced Wolven gear – level 21
Superior Wolven gear – level 29
Mastercrafted Wolven gear – level 34
Grandmaster Wolven gear – level 40

Feline gear – level 17
Enhanced Feline gear – level 23
Superior Feline gear – level 29
Mastercrafted Feline gear – level 34
Grandmaster Feline gear – level 40

Ursine gear – level 20
Enhanced Ursine gear – level 25
Superior Ursine gear – level 30
Mastercrafted Ursine gear – level 34
Grandmaster Ursine gear – level 40

Grandmaster Manticore gear – level 40

Note #1: Manticore gear comes in only one variety. It is Grandmaster armour, and has Grandmaster gear bonuses, but doesn’t have Grandmaster in the name, like the others do.

Note #2: Grandmaster Wolven gear – unlike the rest – does not need the previous set of gear in order to craft it.

Note #3: There’s also the Viper School gear, but that’s special, and also another story.


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