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Top 30 Witcher 3 Quests

There are quite a few quests in The Witcher 3. In fact: there are 309 in total.

These are my top 30 favourites.

Warning: there may be spoilers ahead. So while there’s moonlight and music and love and romance – let’s face the music and dance

Quest 01.
“The Beast of White Orchard” (level 3)

The first major quest of the game, and a nice introduction to the world of The Witcher 3 monster hunting. Nets you your first crossbow, and also your first major monster trophy.

Quest 02.
“Family Matters” (level 6)

Includes killing the Botchling, or turning it into a Lubberkin. And all the other unpleasantness surrounding The Bloody Baron‘s questline.

Quest 03.
“Ladies of the Wood” (level 6)

Includes helping Johnny and “helping” Downwarren in the sub-quest “The Whispering Hillock“, in order to speak to The Ladies of the Wood.

Quest 04.
“A Towerful of Mice” (level 6)

Exploring a cursed tower on Fyke Isle at the request of Geralt‘s sorceress friend Keira Metz. What will it lead to? Trouble, no doubt. Maybe even Kiera‘s death…

Quest 05.
“Fool’s Gold” (level 6)

Yontek from Lurtch (aka “These here parts”). Pigs and gold quest. Yontek is the archetypal village idiot, made real with great character animation and voice acting.

Quest 06.
“Return to Crookback Bog” (level 9)

The dramatic conclusion to the Bloody Baron questline. Varies depending on what you chose to do earlier. The villagers of Downwarren get their reckoning; as does The Whispering Hillock, and the story of the Bloody Baron and his family is resolved in one unsavoury way or another.

Quest 07.
“Ciri’s Story: Breakneck Speed” (level 11)

An exciting charge through Novigrad as Ciri, fighting Whoreson Junior‘s men. And a chance to break the game and explore Novigrad as Ciri, which you’re not supposed to do.

Quest 08.
“Get Junior” (level 12)

A very brutal and violent quest. Lots of fighting with bad men. A Ciri-playable flashback, and a shocking ending.

Quest 09.
“Little Red” (level 15)

A relatively short but interesting werewolf quest with an intelligent female protagonist. Will you kill her, or will you not?

Quest 10.
“The King is Dead – Long Live the King” (level 16)

An introduction to the customs and rituals of the Skellige clans. Includes a hilarious conversation (and optional punch-up) with Madman Lugos, a race up a mountain, and a rather shocking funeral.

“The Lord of Undvik” (level 17)

Find and fight the legendary Ice Giant. Some nice exploration and the tension builds as you uncover more about what happened to the previous expedition on Undvik. Exploring Undvik for the first time is like being in King Kong, or a Ray Harryhausen movie. The sound effects of a haunted, dangerous island and the creatures that inhabit it create a stunning film-like atmosphere.

“Possession” (level 17)

Put the baby in the oven or not?

“Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear” (level 17)

Climbing into the caves underneath Novigrad to fight Golems and the iconic Cat School madman, Mad Kiyan. Daring players will be able beat him even earlier than the recommended level of 17.

“Ugly Baby” (level 19)

Including the following quest “Va Fail, Elaine” (also level 19).
Ugly Baby is a four-part umbrella quest containing: “Disturbance“, “To Bait a Forktail…“, “The Final Trial“, and “No Place Like Home“. Each is a substantial quest in its own right and all four must be completed to advance the main storyline. After completing “Ugly BabyGeralt will reach Kaer Morhen proper and can finally look for those long-awaited Wolven Gear crafting diagrams.

“Where the Cat and Wolf Play…” (level 25)

Meeting Gaetan, the Cat School Witcher covered in blood, and rescuing Millie from the massacre at Honorton. Millie‘s scenes are truly heartbreaking.

“The Isle of Mists” (level 22)

An obvious Snow White tribute and a very atmospheric island shrouded in fog. Some funny moments and some touching moments. The Isle of Mists contains a fair bit of loot (if you explore the place), plus a few decent monster fights. Once you leave, though, you can never come back.

“The Battle of Kaer Morhen” (level 24)

The battle unfolds depending on the decisions you made before it started, and you fight as both Geralt and Ciri at certain points. If you recruited allies they will show up and fight with you. You can influence whether certain things will happen or not by your recruitment choices. To be honest, it’s just best to recruit everybody you can. Spoiler tip: If you don’t recruit Keira Metz to go to Kaer Morhen earlier in the game, Lambert will die during the battle.

“Bald Mountain” (level 26)

Ciri persuades Geralt to take the initiative to kill The Crones and Imlerith, in one evening, while they are together celebrating the sabbath. This leads to a fairly tough double boss fight in the middle of the game. Quite scary for first-time players.

“Through Time and Space” (level 26)

Following Avallac’h through space, time, and portals to eventually get to the Wild Hunt home of Tir la Nia, where they show Wild Hunt general Ga’els the truth about regicide Eredin.

“On Thin Ice” (level 30)

Final battles with The Wild Hunt. Fighting Caranthir as Ciri, then as Geralt; then Eredin versus Geralt in the final battle.

“Something Ends, Something Begins” (level 30)

Final effects on Ciri and the end of the base game. Very poignant, regardless of what outcome you got.

“The Tower Outta Nowheres” (level 30)

Exploring a strange tower on An Skellig, Geralt falls foul of the “Defensive Regulatory Magicon“.

“No Place Like Home” (level 32)

You get the key to your very own vineyard, Corvo Bianco, and must fix it up. Corvo Bianco is to become your new obsession… With the help of its majordomo, Barnabas-Basil Foulty.

“Dead Man’s Party” (level 33)

Geralt takes his friend Shani to a wedding while possessed by the spirit of a mischievous ghost. The personality change leads to arguably the funniest scenes in the entire game. Dead Man’s Party also has a lot of detail packed into it, and is wonderfully varied. Plus has a unique Gwent card (the Cow).

“Scenes From A Marriage” (level 35)

Very dark, poignant and sad quest where the truth about Olgierd von Everic‘s and Iris von Everec‘s marriage comes to light and is resolved. Some great monster fights. Beautifully acted. Achingly sad music. The black cat and dog are eerily genius. The Iris’s Worst Nightmares boss fight is very scary. Overall: a wonderful quest.

“The Warble of A Smitten Knight” (level 35)

The knight’s tournament quest in Blood and Wine. Leads to some good loot, and Roach equipment. There’s a sub-quest about Lady Vivienne that you must also solve. The tournament features crossbow shooting, a race-against-the-clock horse race, a one-on-one horseback sword duel, a five-on-five arena battle, and a final one-on-one battle with the previous champion (who is a giant).

“La Cage Au Fou” (level 39)

A lengthy and involving, multi-part quest with Regis in Toussaint. The best part of it is Geralt rescuing the cursed Wight at Trastamara Estate Ruins and taking her on as his cook. That means NOT killing the Wight, lifting the curse, and then finding Marlene de Trastamara outside. If you attack the Wight then Marlene will die. Saving Marlene is such a heart-glowingly wonderful experience that everyone should do it at least once in their life… It’s just a pity she doesn’t have more dialogue.

“Knight for Hire” (varies level 38-48)

15 undiscovered locations, each with an individual challenge.
The quests are Persons in Distress, Knight Errants in Distress, Abandoned Sites, and Hanse Bases.
Knight Errants in Distress and Hanse Bases are new and unique to Blood and Wine.
In the former, you must rescue a Knight Errant before he’s killed, and in the latter you have to take on the largest organised groups of armed bandits in the game – most around level 48. These are some of the toughest and most enjoyable challenges in the game. Particularly the Hanse Bases, which are mad. It takes a while to complete the entire quest, though.

“The Night of Long Fangs” (level 47)

A dramatic vampire attack on an entire city. Lots of fire and fighting and people losing their lives all around you. This quest forks in two different directions. You can either seek out the Vampire Elder, or try to find Syanna, in order to force Dettlaff to show himself at Tesham Mutna for a final showdown. It’s worth pointing out that you have to find Syanna, and make sure she doesn’t die, in order to get the good ending. The Unseen Elder branch of the storyline is gripping (and also as creepy as fuck), but the thought that someone playing in that direction will miss “Beyond Hill and Dale…“, and the good ending, just shocks me…

“Beyond Hill and Dale…” (level 47)

A full-on scary fairy tale with all the classic characters, most of whom you have to fight in some way. I particularly like the Wicked Witch, who is amazingly well-modelled and animated. “Beyond Hill and Dale…” is a beautifully realised quest within a quest. Also a quest that has consequences. The idea is to use this quest to convince Syanna to forgive her sister. There’s also an item within this quest that you absolutely must acquire to get the good ending, before you leave The Land of a Thousand Fables. If you’re struggling to get the ending you want in Blood and Wine, check out our guide.


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