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Adding Protection Words to your armour

Note: this is a Hearts of Stone feature. You need the DLC installed to use it.

After paying the Runewright in Upper Mill an extortionate amount of money to set up his workshop, you can then enchant your armour (and weapons) with magic Words, and these can do wonderful things.

One of the best things they can do is cast an immediate Quen shield when combat starts, which saves you having to choose Quen, cast it, then choose another Sign during battle. It’s a very handy power to have – especially when playing on Death March difficulty.

Unlocking Enchantment Words:

The Runewright in Novigrad requires 5,000 gold to unlock level 1 enchantments, 10,000 gold for level 2 enchantments, and a whopping 15,000 gold to unlock his master runes, glyphs, and level 3 enchantments.

Thankfully, adding Protection Words only requires level 2 enchanting, so you can at least enchant Quen onto an eligible piece of armour before paying the third instalment of 15 grand. By the time you’re level 40 (or level 90 in New Game Plus) you should be able to enchant Protection Words onto your armour.

Adding Protection Words:

Okay, to do it you need your target armour – the chest armour specifically – with three available upgrade slots, and it needs to be in your inventory.

In the Runewright‘s Enchanting menu choose the target armour. It will tell you the cost in gold, and what the glyph requirements are (in this case one Glyph of Quen, one Glyph of Yrden, and one Glyph of Warding – it’s also worth noting here that these are the middle, regular glyphs – not the Greater versions). If you don’t have the required glyphs, craft some yourself.

Once you’ve met the requirements, enchant the armour and you should then see a green swoosh and then three orange swirls on the armour, where the upgrade slots are located. If you hold your cursor over the armour in your inventory it should say this:

“Protection: When you enter combat there’s a 100 percent chance that you will automatically get a Quen shield without using any stamina.”

Note the orange text.

I noticed that if you have glyph upgrades in the armour previously, and enchant Protection Words onto it, it will simply eradicate them in the process, but the presence of the glyphs don’t prevent enchantments from being applied.

The auto Quen shield also seems to re-apply itself a number of times during battle, before pausing. I don’t know the criteria for re-applications, so don’t fully understand how it works. But it does work, and it’s very useful in battle because it negates a lot of hits that Geralt would otherwise be taking. Saving a lot of pain. And even creating a bit of a lightshow in the process. Especially if you have exploding Quen activated.

And of course there are various other Words of Enchantment too. Each with its own special ability/power. Here are just a few of them… Remember that the Runewright is the only person who can Enchant for you, though. He’s at Upper Mill – NE Velen/Novigrad. He’s part of the Hearts of Stone DLC.

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