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Video: Toussaint Gwent Tourny Part 2

Winning the Toussaint Gwent tournament isn’t easy – unless you practise with the Skellige deck beforehand. If you go in blind you might not succeed. You’ll need to learn what the new deck can do, and what mistakes to avoid. Plus, you’ll need a bit of luck with the draw.

Some tips before starting:
1. Choose a slightly over-full Skellige deck to begin with, making sure to include all your War Longships, and Clan Drummond Shield Maidens.
2. Include Cerys, Hjalmar, Olaf, Ermion, and maybe Birna Bran.
3. A couple of Scorch cards can be useful, as can two Skellige Storm cards, two Mardoeme cards, two Commander’s Horns, and a couple of Clear Weather cards.
4. I also included Olgierd von Everec, Geralt, Ciri, Mysterious Elf, Yennefer, Villentretenmerth, Gaunter O’Dimm (and the three Darkness cards), Draig Bon-Dhu, Dandelion, Clan Dimun Pirate, Young Berserker, and Kambi.
5. When the cards are drawn at the start of the game I tended to only keep one Mardoeme card in my hand (if any at all), and got rid of Clear Weather if I had a Skellige Storm. If you watch the video below you’ll see that I didn’t really need a Mardoeme card at all, in any of the matches. Mardoeme is useful, but it’s not strictly necessary.
6. Make sure you don’t make a mistake with your Mardoeme cards, or your Clan Dimun Pirate, when using them. The Pirate card has a useful Scorch ability, but it’s easy to destroy your own cards if you’re not concentrating!
7. Finally: you have a choice between two leader cards with the Skellige deck, so use them wisely. I stuck with Crach an Craite, which allows you to shuffle the cards from your graveyard pile back into your deck. Use the Crach card as an extra turn, to make your opponent make a turn, but be careful not to remove your graveyard pile at the wrong time as it can be useful when using Yennefer or Birna Bran. If you watch the video below you’ll see that I used the leader card a lot and it helped me on occasion.

Finally: good luck. A bit of luck is helpful when playing this tournament!

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