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The first Blacksmith in The Witcher 3

Blacksmiths forge weapons in The Witcher 3 and players often get them mixed-up with Armourers, who can only forge armour.

At the start of the game you might be wondering where there’s a Blacksmith in White Orchard – someone who can make weapons for you. Willis the Dwarf in White Orchard village is an Armourer and cannot craft weapons. I’ve seen many people online telling players to use him to make your first weapons, but they are wrong and obviously don’t know the difference between Blacksmiths and Armourers in The Witcher 3… In fairness: even the game confuses matters by calling Willis a “blacksmith” during the quest Twister Firestarter, but he’s an Armourer, not a Blacksmith, and he definitely cannot make weapons.

There is a Blacksmith who can make weapons for you in White Orchard and you’ll find him at the Nilfgaardian Garrison where you acquire the Griffin contract. He is in fact the Quartermaster at the camp and he’s stood under a tent covering. He can make weapons for you.

The Nilgaardian Garrison also has a Grindstone and an Armourer’s Table inside, which you can use to enhance your armour and weapons temporarily.

If you want someone to forge your first armour in the game then you should visit the aforementioned Dwarf in White Orchard (Willis – the one who had his shop burnt down by the arsonist).

Remember: Blacksmiths forge weapons, and Armourers forge armour in The Witcher 3, and never the twain shall meet. And be careful of misinformation online – there’s a lot of it about.

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