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Video: Fresh Start 4th Playthrough

I recently bought The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition on so I’m moving over from the Steam version to the GOG version to play through it again. This will be my fourth playthrough. While I don’t expect there to be any real differences between the two versions it’s worth noting that saved games made in the Steam version will load in the GOG version. Witcher 3 saves by default into My Documents and the saves in there do seem to be interchangeable between versions. Also: for this playthrough I’m going to make videos of the start of the game, since my last playthrough focused more on the latter part of the game, and the two DLCs. The GOG version of The Witcher 3 does have a variety of different title screens, it seems. The introduction sequence is the same. This video shows the start of the game in full, minus a brief bit of nudity, which YouTube doesn’t like. Oh, and I’m playing this one through on Death March so that I can get all the difficulty level achievements in one go. GOG achievements are separate from Steam achievements. I have them all on Steam, so now it’s time to get them all on GOG. If ever a game was worth re-playing, it’s this one.

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