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Video: The Beast of White Orchard Part 2

It’s time for the fight with the Royal Griffin in White Orchard, with – of course – Vesemir‘s help. You set the bait and wait for it to arrive. On Death March difficulty, which I’m playing on here, the Griffin can be a real test and can easily kill you in a couple of hits. Watch out for it landing on top of you when it drops to the ground as this can remove most of your health. Also watch out for its torpedo-like lunge, which can severely knack you. Its wing sweeps are also quite deadly. Don’t be afraid to allow Vesemir a few swipes at the beast either – you’re fighting it together after all. If you’ve prepped well enough and use Swallow and food items to regenerate lost vitality you should be able to take it out without it killing you. If you do get injured, back off for a few seconds and allow your vitality to climb back up. After the fight: take its head to the Nilfgaardian Garrison for a reward.

Published by Mallo

Writer and screenshot enthusiast. Ex-PC Zoner.

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