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Video: Beyond Hill and Dale Part 5

Plant the magic beans; stand back while the beanstalk grows; climb it; fight the giant at the top. Once you’ve defeated the giant, Syanna will then suggest a little “sexy time”.

Video: Beyond Hill and Dale Part 1

Geralt goes looking for Syanna in the illusion world of “The Land of a Thousand Fables”. It doesn’t take him long to find her, and when he does it seems to upset the Wicked Witch, who attacks Geralt on her flying broomstick.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 5

Restoring the final of Iris’s memories and then taking on the scary “Iris’ Worst Nightmares” boss fight. Afterwards: taking the rose and enjoying the sombre ending. Sigh.

Video: Evil’s Soft First Touches Part 3

Finally: confronting the monster in the Oxenfurt sewers, and the fight with the disgusting, infamous toad creature in Hearts of Stone.