Witcher 3 Guide to Runestones and Glyphs

Runestones are the circular magic stones that you fit into the sockets on your weapons to boost their effectiveness. Glyphs are the magic stone tablets that fit into your armour, and are used to boost your Witcher Sign effectiveness.

Video: Toussaint Gwent Tourny Part 2

Winning the Toussaint Gwent tournament isn’t easy – unless you practise with the Skellige deck beforehand. If you go in blind you might not succeed. You’ll need to learn what the new deck can do, and what mistakes to avoid. Plus, you’ll need a bit of luck with the draw.

Adding Protection Words to your armour

After paying the Runewright in Upper Mill an extortionate amount of money to set up his workshop, you can then enchant your armour with magic Words, and these can do wonderful things.

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