Video: Dirty Funds

A short secondary quest called Dirty Funds sees Geralt tracking down some treasure at a bandit camp in northern White Orchard. The camp is on a hill east of White Orchard Cemetery and houses a leader who carries a shield – one of the first shielded opponents that you’ll find in the game. Shield-bearing enemies take a bit more thought to take down. Either sidestep their blows and attack them from behind, or wear down their stamina so that they drop the shield. After killing all the bandits Geralt can then take all the loot at the camp in peace.

Video: Bandits and Wolves

Geralt investigates a bandit camp in White Orchard and is immediately attacked by its inhabitants. Then, before he has a chance to catch his breath, he is attacked by two waves of wolves and wargs. White Orchard is a dangerous place for low-level characters when playing on Death March.

Video: Missing In Action

Geralt visits Amavet Fortress Ruins on his way to meet Dune Vildenvert and finds the Serpentine Steel Sword diagram. Afterwards he walks the battlefield with Dune, and his dog Hussar, to look for his missing brother Bastien. He finds him in rather surprising circumstances.

Video: Abandoned Site in White Orchard

An Abandoned Site just south of Tomira‘s house is overrun by Ghouls. Clearing them out allows the population to return and a merchant sets up in the village. What this video doesn’t show are the nearby Nekkers, who kill me when I try to take them on (at too low a level, it has to be said), which meant re-loading. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m playing on Death March difficulty!

Video: On Death’s Bed

On Death’s Bed is an optional secondary quest where you can give a Swallow potion to Tomira the herbalist, so that she can administer it to her injured friend Lena. If you do give her the potion you will find out later in the game whether it worked or not. Also: if you do this quest after Contract: Devil By the Well you can also ask Tomira about Claer, the woman who lived in Hovel and was most probably the Noonwraith haunting the well.

Video: Devil by the Well Part 2

The second part of the quest Contract: Devil by the Well. Geralt first brews some Swallow potions and some Specter Oil, then burns the remains and the bracelet to force the Noonwraith to appear and fight him. At certain points during battle the Noonwraith splits into three separate ghosts and these must be knocked-out to make it reappear again. The longer the battle goes on, the more this will happen.

Video: Devil by the Well Part 1

Devil by the Well is the first monster contract in the game and in it Geralt is tasked with getting rid of a Noonwraith haunting a local well. As the name suggests, Noonwraiths tend to appear when the sun is high in the sky, which is why the ghost isn’t there when I first visit in the morning. Once it’s been flushed-out Geralt must then find an item belonging to the ghost, burn it – along with its remains – and then finally beat it in combat to get rid of it for good.

Video: Twisted Firestarter

Tracking down the arsonist who burned down Willis‘s workshop in White Orchard. There are a number of ways of completing this quest, but using Axii on the suspect is probably the best solution. Doing this quest is pretty much essential as it unlocks the dwarf as the first Armourer in the game.

Note that even though the game calls Willis a “blacksmith” during this quest he is actually an Armourer and cannot craft weapons. If you want a Blacksmith to craft weapons for you: go see the Quartermaster at the Nilfgaardian Garrison.

The Witcher 3 Artbook

If you buy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition on you’ll get a variety of exclusive extras to download (if you want them – they don’t download automatically), including the original sound track (OST) to the base game (in both FLAC and MP3 form), the full Blood and Wine OST, the full Hearts of Stone OST, wallpapers, artwork, comics, paper toy templates, plus a very cool Artbook in PDF form.

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