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Video: Pomp and Strange Circumstance Part 4

The final ceremony in Blood and Wine, where Geralt is awarded The Order of Vitis Vinifera – the highest honour in Toussaint – and where you finally get to find out if you got the “good” ending or not.

Video: The Night of Long Fangs Part 1

The start of the classic Blood and Wine quest “The Night of Long Fangs”. Geralt first insults Anna Henrietta (to gasps from the crowd – thankfully there are no repercussions), before fighting a Bruxa on palace grounds.

Video: Capture the Castle

The dramatic attack on Dun Tynne Castle – aided by Regis and Detlaff – during the quest “Capture the Castle”, is the continuation of the Beast of Beauclair storyline.

Video: Wine Is Sacred Part 2

After a brief investigation at Castel Ravello Estate it is revealed that there is indeed some missing Sangreal. Master Fabricio – the vintner in charge – has some explaining to do…

Video: Wine Is Sacred Part 1

Geralt, Anna Henrietta, and Damien de la Tour have a heated conversation about vampires, and how to deal with the Beast of Beauclair. Then the Ducal Sommelier – Benoit – steps in to save the day.

Video: The Deed to Corvo Bianco

The conversation where you’re give the Deed and key to your very own vineyard – Corvo Bianco – by the Duchess of Toussaint. A great moment, although you have a little more work to do at this point, before you can explore it.

Video: Shaelmaar in the Arena

Shaelmaar are gigantic, earth-burrowing creatures that are blind and respond to sound (not unlike moles), so I try using Aard on a nearby wall to make it roll towards me and knock itself out.