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Video: The Nilfgaardian Connection

At the Inn at the Crossroads a small group of local thugs try starting some trouble, but Geralt plays it cool and they back off. You can fight them, but it doesn’t make your task any easier.

Video: Whatsoever A Man Soweth Part 4

Gaunter’s riddle challenge is strictly against the clock and there are various distractions put there along the way to slow you down, including a variety of spectre monsters.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 5

Restoring the final of Iris’s memories and then taking on the scary “Iris’ Worst Nightmares” boss fight. Afterwards: taking the rose and enjoying the sombre ending. Sigh.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 4

Geralt restores three more of Iris’s memories in the quest “Scenes From A Marriage”. One in the dining room, one in the bedroom, and one in Olgierd’s study.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 3

After resurrecting Iris Geralt enters The Painted World. Inside which he must recreate Iris’s memories, and fight spider-like spectres.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 2

Geralt explores the von Everec mansion, looking for Iris von Everec. He finds a belligerent ghost, and various aggressive spectres, before eventually discovering Iris. This video contains spoilers.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 1

The beginning of the classic Hearts of Stone quest, “Scenes From A Marriage.” Geralt makes his way into the von Everec Estate and starts looking for clues. What he finds is disturbing…