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Video: Be It Ever So Humble

This small quest is a post-Blood and Wine ‘bookend’ that reunites Geralt with his romance partner at Corvo Bianco. If you didn’t romance anyone then either Dandelion or Ciri can turn up, depending on what you did in the base game.

Top 30 Witcher 3 Quests

There are quite a few quests in The Witcher 3. In fact: there are 309 in total. These are my top 30 favourites.

Video: The Hunger Game Part 1

The heartwarming scenes between Geralt and Marlene, after Geralt rescues her from a curse. Geralt takes Marlene on as his cook and she tells him about her dowry. This begins the quest “The Hunger Game”.

Video: The Deed to Corvo Bianco

The conversation where you’re give the Deed and key to your very own vineyard – Corvo Bianco – by the Duchess of Toussaint. A great moment, although you have a little more work to do at this point, before you can explore it.