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Video: Missing In Action

Geralt visits Amavet Fortress Ruins on his way to meet Dune Vildenvert and finds the Serpentine Steel Sword diagram. Afterwards he walks the battlefield with Dune, and his dog Hussar, to look for his missing brother Bastien.

Video: Waiting For Goe and Doh

While out mopping up the final few undiscovered locations Geralt finds a hidden treasure patrolled by level 40 Drowners, which leads to a short secondary mission called “Waiting For Goe and Doe”.

Video: Evil’s Soft First Touches Part 2

The tension builds as Geralt goes on the hunt for the monster in the sewers of Oxenfurt. He finds Shani – a Redanian medic, and an old friend of his – having survived an attack by the mysterious creature.

Witcher 3 Monster Guide

For this guide I’m going to concentrate on the monsters you find in the wilds – the “generic” monsters that can be encountered while out in the world. Not the Monster Contracts – that’s a separate guide.