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Video: Phantom of the Amphitheater

As Geralt approaches the Seidhe Llygad Amphitheater in southern Toussaint he senses that something isn’t right. Inside he finds a dead woman and evidence that she tried to summon the long dead actress Elsa de Longpr√©, a spectre who has been haunting the amphitheatre, preventing it being used by anyone else.

Video: A Knight’s Tales [Option 1]

In the quest “A Knight’s Tales” you meet a woodcutter who tells you about a tree that appears possessed by a weeping ghost. Upon investigation Geralt discovers a link between the tree and a local witch, so sets out to find her.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 2

Geralt explores the von Everec mansion, looking for Iris von Everec. He finds a belligerent ghost, and various aggressive spectres, before eventually discovering Iris. This video contains spoilers.

Video: Dead Man’s Party Part 3

Shani discovers Geralt passed-out on the floor of the crypt and when he wakes up he’s acting rather strangely. It seems that Vlodimir von Everec can possess Geralt and change his personality.

Video: Dead Man’s Party Part 2

Geralt must show the ghost of Vlodimir von Everec “the time of its life”, in the quest “Dead Man’s Party”. Before he can do that, though, he must first find Vlodimir and convince him to participate.

Video: Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Wolven Gear Part 2

The extended Yrden circle is 40% bigger than normal, it replenishes Geralt’s stamina quicker when he’s inside it, it lowers his damage taken, and doubles Geralt’s Sign intensity.

Video: Ghostly Knight

Discovering some hidden treasure, guarded by a level 47 Ghostly Knight, at Casteldaccia in Toussaint. Defeat the knight and read the document contained within the hidden treasure to start the mini quest “Filibert Always Pays His Debts”.