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Video: Big Game Hunter Part 1

Big Game Hunter is a relatively short mission which requires that you escort Count Beledal on an excursion into the Toussaint countryside to test his head-worn camera, the “Parestisomach”.

Video: Vintner’s Contract: Dun Tynne Hillside

I think this is the final Vintner’s Contract quest. This one involves clearing out Giant Centipedes from a cave on Dun Tynne Hillside, which is no problem for Geralt at this stage of the game.

Video: Pale Widows

During the quest “Turn and Face the Strange” Geralt must collect one of their eggs for use in Dr. Moreau’s mutagen enhancement chamber. Of course the Pale Widows aren’t going to give them up willingly.

Witcher 3 Monster Guide

For this guide I’m going to concentrate on the monsters you find in the wilds – the “generic” monsters that can be encountered while out in the world. Not the Monster Contracts – that’s a separate guide.