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Video: Devil by the Well Part 2

The second part of the quest Contract: Devil by the Well. Geralt first brews some Swallow potions and some Specter Oil, then burns the remains and the bracelet to force the Noonwraith to appear and fight him.

Video: Devil by the Well Part 1

Devil by the Well is the first monster contract in the game and in it Geralt is tasked with getting rid of a Noonwraith haunting a local well. As the name suggests, Noonwraiths tend to appear when the sun is high in the sky, which is why the ghost isn’t there when I first visit in the morning.

Video: The Tufo Monster Part 2

This is the final monster contract in my current game. Upon exploring a cave near the Tufo Estate, Geralt finds the lair of a unique Shaelmaar that has been killing workers on the vineyard.

Video: The Tufo Monster Part 1

Waiting until night, Geralt sets off to investigate the cellar of the Tufo Estate, at the request of the rather rude Jean-Christophe de Bourbeau. He finds a series of tunnels underneath and a nest of Kikimore and their eggs.

Video: The Creature from the Oxenfurt Forest Part 1

Hans of Cidaris gives out one of the final monster contracts of the base game: “The Creature from the Oxenfurt Forest”, which I’ve had sitting there for a while. Time to get on the trail and see what the problem is.

Video: Evil’s Soft First Touches Part 3

Finally: confronting the monster in the Oxenfurt sewers, and the fight with the disgusting, infamous toad creature in Hearts of Stone.

Video: Evil’s Soft First Touches Part 2

The tension builds as Geralt goes on the hunt for the monster in the sewers of Oxenfurt. He finds Shani – a Redanian medic, and an old friend of his – having survived an attack by the mysterious creature.