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Video: Pomp and Strange Circumstance Part 5

The poignant denouement of Blood and Wine. Geralt and Regis enjoy a mug of Mandrake brew under the stars at Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery and talk about the long past and the near future.

Video: Pomp and Strange Circumstance Part 1

If the Beast of Beauclair murders were based on the “five virtues”, then the virtue of compassion is missing… At this point you can decide to investigate further, or just brush it off.

Video: The Night of Long Fangs Part 3

Geralt and Regis decide to find Syanna and end up in the children’s playroom. After a bit of investigation, and a recitation of the words “expecto ludum” while reading the magic book “The Land of a Thousand Fables”, something strange happens…

Video: The Night of Long Fangs Part 2

The dramatic vampire attack on Beauclair worsens, as Geralt and Regis make their way through the city to find Damien de la Tour.

Video: The Night of Long Fangs Part 1

The start of the classic Blood and Wine quest “The Night of Long Fangs”. Geralt first insults Anna Henrietta (to gasps from the crowd – thankfully there are no repercussions), before fighting a Bruxa on palace grounds.

Video: Capture the Castle

The dramatic attack on Dun Tynne Castle – aided by Regis and Detlaff – during the quest “Capture the Castle”, is the continuation of the Beast of Beauclair storyline.