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Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 5

Restoring the final of Iris’s memories and then taking on the scary “Iris’ Worst Nightmares” boss fight. Afterwards: taking the rose and enjoying the sombre ending. Sigh.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 2

Geralt explores the von Everec mansion, looking for Iris von Everec. He finds a belligerent ghost, and various aggressive spectres, before eventually discovering Iris. This video contains spoilers.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 1

The beginning of the classic Hearts of Stone quest, “Scenes From A Marriage.” Geralt makes his way into the von Everec Estate and starts looking for clues. What he finds is disturbing…

Video: Evil’s Soft First Touches Part 2

The tension builds as Geralt goes on the hunt for the monster in the sewers of Oxenfurt. He finds Shani – a Redanian medic, and an old friend of his – having survived an attack by the mysterious creature.

Video: La Cage au Fou Part 2

This part of the quest “La Cage au Fou” leads up to a showdown with a Wight at the Trastamara Estate Ruins. This Wight, however, is more than just a monster that wants to fight you – it is actually a trapped woman that you can rescue.

Video: Bastoy Prison Ruins

While out looking for crafting diagrams at Bastoy Prison Ruins I encounter an Alp – a type of higher vampire; similar in some ways to a Bruxa – guarding some treasure. An exciting round of combat ensues.

Video: Kikimore Nest

Exterminating a Kikimore nest in Toussaint. These creepy monsters come in two types – workers, which are fast and leap about, and warriors, which are much bigger and pack a heftier punch.