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Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 5

Restoring the final of Iris’s memories and then taking on the scary “Iris’ Worst Nightmares” boss fight. Afterwards: taking the rose and enjoying the sombre ending. Sigh.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 4

Geralt restores three more of Iris’s memories in the quest “Scenes From A Marriage”. One in the dining room, one in the bedroom, and one in Olgierd’s study.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 3

After resurrecting Iris Geralt enters The Painted World. Inside which he must recreate Iris’s memories, and fight spider-like spectres.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 2

Geralt explores the von Everec mansion, looking for Iris von Everec. He finds a belligerent ghost, and various aggressive spectres, before eventually discovering Iris. This video contains spoilers.

Video: Scenes From A Marriage Part 1

The beginning of the classic Hearts of Stone quest, “Scenes From A Marriage.” Geralt makes his way into the von Everec Estate and starts looking for clues. What he finds is disturbing…

Top 30 Witcher 3 Quests

There are quite a few quests in The Witcher 3. In fact: there are 309 in total. These are my top 30 favourites.