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Other Unique Monsters in The Witcher 3

These are unique Witcher 3 monsters that are not contracts, but are related to quests and haven’t been mentioned in either our Boss Fights Guide, our general Monster Guide, or our Monster Contracts Guide.

Video: The Tufo Monster Part 2

This is the final monster contract in my current game. Upon exploring a cave near the Tufo Estate, Geralt finds the lair of a unique Shaelmaar that has been killing workers on the vineyard.

Video: Superior Cat Shaelmaar

The potion “Superior Cat” enhances the light balance when in dark places, so you can see everything clearly, although in black and white. Another effect of Cat is that it also indicates hostiles as a pink fill, making them stand out. Which is useful.

Video: Shaelmaar in the Arena

Shaelmaar are gigantic, earth-burrowing creatures that are blind and respond to sound (not unlike moles), so I try using Aard on a nearby wall to make it roll towards me and knock itself out.

Witcher 3 Monster Contracts

Monster Contracts are side quests in The Witcher 3 that you can take on for extra money and experience. You usually get Monster Contracts from notice boards.