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20 Best Witcher 3 Characters

Arguably the best thing about The Witcher 3 are the characters upon which the game is based. A great script brings good characters to life, and these – in my opinion – are the 20 best characters in the game.

Video: Dead Man’s Party Part 9

A final, brief chat with the sinister Gaunter O’Dimm, then it’s time for the capping of the bride, and a funny speech from Vlodimir. Then it’s the end of the quest.

Video: Dead Man’s Party Part 5

When the wedding in “Dead Man’s Party” actually gets going, there are a number of different activities to perform. One of them is to rescue the fire-breather from a bothersome dog.

Video: Dead Man’s Party Part 3

Shani discovers Geralt passed-out on the floor of the crypt and when he wakes up he’s acting rather strangely. It seems that Vlodimir von Everec can possess Geralt and change his personality.