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Video: The Night of Long Fangs Part 3

Geralt and Regis decide to find Syanna and end up in the children’s playroom. After a bit of investigation, and a recitation of the words “expecto ludum” while reading the magic book “The Land of a Thousand Fables”, something strange happens…

Video: The Night of Long Fangs Part 2

The dramatic vampire attack on Beauclair worsens, as Geralt and Regis make their way through the city to find Damien de la Tour.

Video: The Night of Long Fangs Part 1

The start of the classic Blood and Wine quest “The Night of Long Fangs”. Geralt first insults Anna Henrietta (to gasps from the crowd – thankfully there are no repercussions), before fighting a Bruxa on palace grounds.

Top 30 Witcher 3 Quests

There are quite a few quests in The Witcher 3. In fact: there are 309 in total. These are my top 30 favourites.