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Video: The Hunger Game Part 1

The heartwarming scenes between Geralt and Marlene, after Geralt rescues her from a curse. Geralt takes Marlene on as his cook and she tells him about her dowry. This begins the quest “The Hunger Game”.

Video: La Cage au Fou Part 3

This part of the quest “La Cage au Fou” is one of the best (and most touching) parts of the entire game, in my humble opinion. Choosing to lift the curse and rescue Marlene de Trastamara is a wonderful thing.

Video: La Cage au Fou Part 2

This part of the quest “La Cage au Fou” leads up to a showdown with a Wight at the Trastamara Estate Ruins. This Wight, however, is more than just a monster that wants to fight you – it is actually a trapped woman that you can rescue.