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Video: Bloody Baron

Geralt meets with Phillip Strenger, aka The Bloody Baron, who tells him he knows why he’s come to Crow’s Perch. The Baron confirms that he recently saw Ciri, which begins the flashback quest “Ciri’s Story: The King of the Wolves”, which you play as Ciri.

Other Unique Monsters in The Witcher 3

These are unique Witcher 3 monsters that are not contracts, but are related to quests and haven’t been mentioned in either our Boss Fights Guide, our general Monster Guide, or our Monster Contracts Guide.

Video: The Tower Outta Nowheres Part 1

Another holiday side-quest – “The Tower Outta Nowheres” – which is recommended for level 30 players. I’m way past that now (level 45), so can beat whatever the Defensive Regulatory Magicon can throw at me. Even a cow.

Video: Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted

While I’m on holiday in Skellige it makes sense to tie up a few loose ends. This quest – “Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted” – is a varied and interesting ‘prove your empathy towards monsters’ quest, where your previous deeds in the game are judged by a panel of monsters.

Video: Basane Farm

An encounter with a level 48 werewolf at Basane Farm. Werewolves are actually scarier than they look. Yes, they can kill you with just a few hits (if they’re significantly higher-level than you), but they are quite easy to dodge and hit, so are worth the risk of taking on.

Witcher 3 Monster Guide

For this guide I’m going to concentrate on the monsters you find in the wilds – the “generic” monsters that can be encountered while out in the world. Not the Monster Contracts – that’s a separate guide.