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Other Unique Monsters in The Witcher 3

These are unique Witcher 3 monsters that are not contracts, but are related to quests and haven’t been mentioned in either our Boss Fights Guide, our general Monster Guide, or our Monster Contracts Guide.

Video: A Knight’s Tales [Option 3]

The third option, and another ‘not so good’ ending of the quest “A Knight’s Tales”. In this branch you tell the Witch of Lynx Crag that you’ll perform the ritual without her help, and you also fail to find the body of Sir Gareth in the caves below her house.

Video: A Knight’s Tales [Option 1]

In the quest “A Knight’s Tales” you meet a woodcutter who tells you about a tree that appears possessed by a weeping ghost. Upon investigation Geralt discovers a link between the tree and a local witch, so sets out to find her.