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Power Overwhelming achievement

The achievement “Power Overwhelming” requires that you have all possible Place of Power bonuses active at the same time.

There are five different kinds of Place of Power stones and all five are found within easy running/riding distance in White Orchard. Just run/ride between each one, activating each stone as you go, until you have all five going at once, and the achievement should then pop. You have more than enough time to activate each stone, so take your time and don’t rush.

Follow the sequence in the screenshot above and you’ll easily make it. You might need to ride around some ravines, rather than taking the direct route as the crow flies, but check your map and stay oriented and you’ll be fine.

Note that there are two Quen Places of Power in White Orchard, and one of each of the other Signs. You only need one of each Sign activated, so there’s no need to do both Quen stones.

As a final note: this is probably not worth trying upon first arriving in White Orchard. You’d be better off building some levels first. Try it just before leaving White Orchard, or go back when you’ve levelled-up a bit. If you’re on Roach you can just gallop past any wolves or other monsters and avoid having to fight them.


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