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Top 10 hidden places in The Witcher 3

There are lots of cool hidden places in The Witcher 3, but here are my top ten places to find that are off the beaten track.

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Video: Funeral Pyres Part 2

In the final part of the secondary quest “Funeral PyresGeralt confronts the fisstech-dealing Priest of the Eternal Fire and refuses to be bribed by him. The Priest, with his two bodyguards, unwisely attack Geralt and ultimately regret doing so.

Video: Killed by Bandits in Velen

Playing on Death March difficulty, at the start of the game you can easily be killed by small groups of bandits who might attack you, as happens to me here on my way through Velen. I’ll admit that my fighting technique here is sloppy. If playing on Death March it’s better to be aggressive; have better defence; be more selective with sword swings; use food and potions more, and take out those damn archers more quickly!

Video: First Meeting With Ronvid

Geralt‘s first encounter with Ronvid of the Small Marsh happens just outside Crow’s Perch after speaking with The Baron. Ronvid has pledged to Maid Bilberry that he will cut down one hundred knights in her honour. In the case of Geralt: he’s definitely picked the wrong opponent. Teach him a lesson, but unfortunately this won’t be the last you hear from Ronvid

Video: Crow’s Perch Traders

There’s something not quite right about the relationship between the local couple Yoana and Fergus Graem, a pair of Armourers at Crow’s Perch. After asking them about crafting they tell you about a hidden forge on the Skellige island of Undvik where you’ll find the tools to make master quality armour. You also hear that a giant has ravaged the island for the past year. Which is ominous foreshadowing. While at Crow’s Perch Geralt also takes a peek at the Quartermaster‘s wares and also picks up a bunch of new quests from the Notice Board.

Video: Family Matters Part 1

Geralt begins his search for The Baron‘s missing wife and daughter by examining their rooms, and he of course loots everything he can on the way… Using his Witcher Senses he finds a number of clues. A Talisman hidden under the floorboard provides a lead to The Pellar.

Video: Bloody Baron

Geralt meets with Phillip Strenger, aka The Bloody Baron, who tells him he knows why he’s come to Crow’s Perch. The Baron confirms that he recently saw Ciri, which begins the flashback quest “Ciri’s Story: The King of the Wolves“, which you play as Ciri.

Video: Gourmet

After a short battle with some bandits, I go to the Character screen to use the single skill point available. It’s time to activate the general skill, Gourmet, which is very useful if you’re playing on Death March difficulty. Why is it useful? Because it makes consumed food regenerate Geralt‘s vitality for 20 minutes. Since vitality isn’t regenerated by meditating on Death March, this is the best way of keeping Geralt‘s health up.

Video: Hendrik’s House

Geralt discovers the bloody remains of his contact in VelenHendrik – at his house in Heatherton. After examining the body a key is found, which leads to the basement in Hendrik‘s house. A wall-mounted candle-holder opens a secret compartment in the basement and Geralt finds a ledger, with hidden messages about Ciri in it. It’s not much, but these at least give him two new leads with which to continue his investigation.